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Do you want to learn SEO that is all about how search engines work so that you can bring more free traffic especially from Google for earning money via Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing?

Then this course is for you given by Shahzaib Shafi, and this course has 26 lectures and it's 26 hours long.

Don't think, you can learn SEO in less an hour, it's a vast field, so it takes time how Google works because it took 19 years to make Google, so for you, it may take a year to understand.


"Don't just watch videos, that won't help much, watch one video and implement whatever mentioned in a video, after doing that watch next video" - Shahzaib Shafi  

Lecture 1: Overview and Introduction to Blogging & SEO | 1 Hour 26 Minutes

Lecture 2: Niche Research for Adsense Blogs | 1 Hour 16 Minutes

Lecture 3: Keyword Research for Adsense Blog | 1 Hour 37 Minutes

Lecture 4: Keyword Competition Analyses | 2 Hours

Lecture 16 Part 1: On-Page SEO Last Chapter!  | 1 Hour

Lecture 16 Part 2: PA/DA Strategy Revision | 44 Minutes

Lecture 21 Part 1: Guest Posting to get Backlinks ( Off Page Part 4) | 59 Minutes

Lecture 21 Part 2: Guest Posting Part 2 (Off-Page SEO) | 27 Minutes

Lecture 22: How to Build Links with InfoGraphics (Off-Page SEO/Linking Building) | 48 Minutes


He's Shahzaib Shafi from Lahore, Pakistan. He's a student of ICS and loves the field of IT (Information Technology).

He's an online worker in different fields with different skills.He has worked on Fiverr, YouTube, blogs with Google Adsense and affiliate marketing (ClickBank).

Currently, he's working on affiliates and Adsense blogs and Implementing SEO techniques that he's learned so far. He has skills in WordPress, HTML, CSS, content writing and Search Engine Optimization.

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