Email Marketing

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E-Mail Marketing is amazing because it works for everything from selling a product to bringing quality visitors to your site. In this free course, you will learn everything that a good email marketer needs.


Lecture 01: What is Email Marketing and Benefits of Email Marketing | 6 Minutes

Lecture 02: How to Find Targeted Emails With Quick and Effective Way | 17 Minutes

Lecture 03: How to Get Started With Getresponse  | 8 Minutes

Lecture 04: How to Design Email Collector Form With Getresponse | 15 Minutes

Lecture 05: How to Design and Send Email Newsletter With Getresponse | 13 Minutes

Lecture 06: How to Design Email Collector Form With MailChimp  | 15 Minutes

Lecture 07: How to Design and Send Email Campaigns With MailChimp | 15 Minutes


Faiz Muhammad has made many courses that were previously paid on Udemy, but now free. His famous courses are graphics designing, whiteboard animation and Fiverr.

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