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Do you want to learn Photography to impress your friends or want to learn extra money from the stock sites? Then course is for you.

This course is given by Vishal Diwan , this course is 1.5 hours long


Lecture 1: Basics of Photography

Lecture 2: Exposure Part 1

Lecture 3: Aperture

Lecture 4: Shutter Speed

Lecture 5: ISO

Lecture 6: Exposure Part 2

Lecture 7: Focusing

Lecture 8: Cambaba

Lecture 9: Which Camera to Buy?

Lecture 10: Nikon D750 Full Frame Camera - Value for Money.

Lecture 11: Time Lapse

Lecture 12: Basics

Lecture 13: Aperture

Lecture 14: Shutter Speed

Lecture 15: ISO

Lecture 16: Exposure Meter

Lecture 17: Focusing

Lecture 18: RAW

Lecture 19: Vishal Diwan - Nikon School Mentor

Lecture 20: Fashion Photography

Lecture 21: Family, Birthday & Kids Photography

Lecture 22: Street Photography

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Mr. Vishal Diwan holds a Master’s Degree in Communications from Hyderabad Central University, India.

His areas of interest include Portraits, Advertising, Fashion and Street Photography. He loves to share his knowledge about photography and has been providing Photography training to amateurs and professionals since 2010.

It all started as a hobby in the year 2003 after undergoing a short course on ‘Basics of Photography’ from Photography Society of India (PSI), Mumbai. Since then, he has been clicking and learning constantly.

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