Amazon Earning

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Do you want to earn money from the word's largest e-commerce sites by promoting their products? Then this course is for you. With Google Adsense, you earn only 5 to 30$ for 10,000 pageviews, but if you target Amazon products, and only a few people buy your products, then you can earn above 100$. It's the beauty of Affiliate Marketing that Amazon allows you to do.


Lecture 1: How to Make an Account on Amazon Affiliate Program and Get an Affiliate Link to Earn Money | 18 Minutes

Lecture 2: How to Promote an Amazon Product to Earn Money | 12 Minutes

Lecture 3: How to Find a Niche for Amazon Part 1 | 10 Minutes

Lecture 4: How to Find a Niche for Amazon Part 2 | 7 Minutes

Lecture 5: How to Submit Tax Information to Amazon | 6 Minutes

Important Notes:

1. You can use TextPlus to pick a USA number to create an account on Amazon in Pakistan.
2. Before promoting a link, check the link either it will give you earning or not via Link Checker. (After creating an account in Lecture 1).
3. You're recommended to watch this course after watching SEO Urdu Course.

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